Senior Solutions Architect

28 Mar, 2014

New Job Posting

For a business intelligence/data warehousing company (Professional Innovations, Inc. - Boise, ID): write, modify, test and debug new and existing computer programs, including data warehousing systems, data modeling, loading, aggregation, queries, tuning and modeling; analyze problems and make modifications to systems and individual programs; build proof-of-concept applications based on customer requirements; maintain assigned systems; develop solutions to problems; communicate with customers, in-house staff and vendors regarding system and customer needs; prepare documentation for new programs and changes to existing systems; confer with senior staff regarding complex solutions to programming problems; provide technical support for product presentations, product positioning and product demonstrations; provide product evaluation support, product installation, application prototyping and benchmarks; assist customers with implementation of new and existing computer systems; responsible for all phases of project, including scope, expectation setting, requirements gathering, customer sign-off, general project planning and customer success/failure reports.

Great opportunity to start or advance a career in an advanced and technologically chanllenging field.

  1. Master of Science degree or foreign equivalent in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems or a related field.
  2. 1 year experience in job offered or 1 year business intelligence experience. Experience must include reviewing and analyzing reports and records, analyzing data processing requirements for data warehousing systems, administering production, quality assurance and development environments, testing, evaluations and administration of new software versions and packages.
  3. Proficiency in SQL, Java, Python, Data Modeling, Business Intelligence reporting, Systems Architecture and MPP systems.
  4. Travel to client worksites within the United States.
  5. National Telecommuting; National Roving without a residential requirement.
Job to be performed in Boise, ID and various client worksites within the United States whose locations to be determined. Hours: 40 per week - Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. To apply, please send resume to Amy Schaecher at [email protected]

Data Warehousing, MPP, ETL